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    The Proactive Parent Tour   Part I


    Parents and Guardians of Cleburne County,


    Please join us for these workshops designed to keep our parents informed of current trends and available resources that will help you protect and mentor your child.  These workshops are open to anyone.  Many have more than one date scheduled across the county so that, hopefully, you can have the opportunity to attend.  Please click on the hot link of the date to register for the class.  ALL CLASSES ARE FREE TO ALL. There may even be some prizes awarded to participants!  If you have any questions, please contact Tina Riddle (Cleburne County Mental Health Coordinator for Cleburne County Schools) at 256-463-5624.


    Raising Teenagers or Preteens? Dangers in Cleburne County That You Need to Know About


    Presenters -

    Patrick Nolen, Chief Deputy, Cleburne County Sheriff's Department 

    Jon Daniel, Sheriff of Cleburne County

    There are many dangers that are present today in the lives of Cleburne County’s teenagers.  Come find out what these dangers are, how you as a parent can help protect your child, and how to help your child navigate life in these times.

    October 5, 2023 - Ranburne High School Library at 6:00 CST


    October 25, 2023 - Cleburne County Elementary School lunchroom at 6:00 CST

    Uncovering Evil: Protecting Your Child From Today’s Predators


    Presenter - Pam Stack, Outreach Coordinator, HopeUNITED,United Way of East Central AL

    With the growing use of electronic devices and the media, our children are open targets. Sadly, there are some incredibly evil people who have used force, fraud, coercion, and/or emotional manipulation as a means to exploit our Cleburne County kids.  Join us to find out what is going on and how you can fight it in your home.


    October 19, 2023 - Cleburne County Middle School Library at 6:00 CST

    November 2, 2023 - Ranburne High School Library at 6:00 CST


    Grandfamilies That Work: Tips for Grandparents Raising Their Grandchildren

    Presenter -  Ellen Hurst, AL CARES Director/Sr. Project Administrator/EARPDC Area Agency on Aging


    Some incredible grandparents are raising their grandfamilies now. Raising your grandchildren or other family members, while challenging, can also be incredibly rewarding. Even though you may be a Mom and/or Dad with lots of practice, switching roles from the grandparent to the parent may be tricky.  Come gather ideas on creating a loving and stable environment and learn about resources that are available to these families. 


    November 7, 2023 - Cleburne County High School library at 6:00 CST


    November 28, 2023 - Ranburne Elementary School library at 6:00 CST