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Casey McKnight Scroggins


Cleburne County High School
Class of 1995

School Psychologist
Tuscaloosa County Schools

Casey McKnight Scroggins graduated 3rd in the Class of 1995. She enjoyed being a member of the band, being active in many clubs, and being Roarie the Tiger during her senior year.  She recalls, “My senior year, the football team played in the Championship game against TR Miller. We didn't win but the school spirit and town spirit was awesome. It was like this throughout my time in school there. Working in schools now, I don't see this school spirit nearly as much”.

Not only was school spirit high at CCHS, Mrs. Scroggins boasts, “The English department was THE BEST around! I was well-prepared for my college classes in English and actually received a minor in English. I also think that we were taught problem solving skills which definitely helped me in college and now in life. Current schools have to teach "testing" skills and I feel like our kids are missing out on those problem solving and "thinking outside of the box" skills that were taught in all of our classes”.

She holds an Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology from the University of Alabama and is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. Prior to attending UA, she received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Jacksonville State University.

She and her husband Tom have been married for 15 1/2 years and have 4 children. Emily is 12 and their triplets, Norah, John and Shelby are 8. They enjoy traveling to new places. Her dad lives with them in Tuscaloosa and she says that he is “a BIG help”.

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